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What does flvto.com mean? How can your website be used?

Our site gives you the ideal way of converting online video and audio from YouTube to MP3. We always use best quality videos to produce best quality MP3.

Relax while our Youtube to MP3 converter does the job!

The process will take you a couple of minutes, depending on the file size. But they will pass very quickly, you won't even notice that. Enter the link of the Youtube video what you want to convert to MP3 and click "Convert to". What the application will do is it will convert Youtube video.

In the end you will get a ready mp3 file, which you can finally enjoy without a video to go with it. This online video converter is one of the fastest and safest ways to get your favorite mp3 files.

Youtube converter on every OS

Works on every OS

We try hard to reach out for every single user who wants to convert Youtube vids to MP3 and other formats. We are proud to say that our Youtube to MP3 works flawlessly on Linux, MacOS and Windows. Just paste the desired video URL and enjoy high quality tracks delivered right to your desktop!

Take-away tracks

Flvto.com converter works good to transfer or download YouTube videos to popular format like MP3. It is often that the flv format is not useful, especially when you just want to listen to the music and not watch any videos.

With this YouTube converter it is easy to get mp3 files which you can use on your mp3 player, phone or home computer.

Take-away Youtube tracks
Get any video converted

Get any video converted!

Don't know how to download music from youtube? Spend most of your time on Vimeo? Prefer Dailymotion? It's all the same for FLVTO, as it works with most video-hosting sites and services, including Metacafe, Facebook and others. No matter which site URL you paste, the video will be perfectly converted and downloaded as an audio track to your PC.

Flvto Youtube Downloader

If using an online converter is not always convenient, we offer a very easy-to-use YouTube downloader program. Flvto Converter will allow you to convert online videos into many different formats, not just mp3. It is much more useful than the YouTube downloader online, and if you are looking for more conversion possibilities this YouTube converter software will help you with all your conversion tasks.